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The Ultimate Guide to Pre Workout Supplements – Infographic

My buddy Justin Tailor, at SupplementMart Australia just sent me a wonderful infographic they put together – the Ultimate Guide to Pre Workout Supplements. It’s a fantastic beginner’s guide to pre workouts, laying out the basics on: benefits ingredients how to pick pills vs powders how to take timing and pre-workout foods Without further ado, […]

Banana Honey in a BJJ Pre-Workout Smoothie

BJJ Pre-Workout Smoothie

This post will take about 2 min to read and will cover nutrition recommendation for BJJ fighters, one of my favorite pre-workout green smoothie recipes and the benefits of each ingredient. Our BJJ Pre-Workout Smoothie is formulated for the endurance athlete A BJJ practice is grueling and endurance based. Therefore, BJJ fighters nutrient requirements differ […]