4 Crappy Weight Cutting Strategies of Combat Athletes

Your bro-fight-logic is no good here

This is a guest post by James Bee of JB Fitness Systems. James was introduced to me as a coach who’s all about the evidenced based approach to fitness, health, nutrition, competition and living the good life. After working with him on this article, I can honestly say – James knows his stuff and shares … Read more4 Crappy Weight Cutting Strategies of Combat Athletes

What Should I Eat After Working Out? – 3 Tips

meal to eat after workout

Post workout feeding – can I have my chocolate milk? The meal you eat after working out is the most important meal for any athlete or active individual. There’s a short window (30-45 min) where your body is primed for nutrient re-uptake. This is when the body recovers and grows. If you miss the window, … Read moreWhat Should I Eat After Working Out? – 3 Tips

BJJ Pre-Workout Smoothie

Banana Honey in a BJJ Pre-Workout Smoothie

This post will take about 2 min to read and will cover nutrition recommendation for BJJ fighters, one of my favorite pre-workout green smoothie recipes and the benefits of each ingredient. Our BJJ Pre-Workout Smoothie is formulated for the endurance athlete A BJJ practice is grueling and endurance based. Therefore, BJJ fighters nutrient requirements differ … Read moreBJJ Pre-Workout Smoothie

Performance Nutrition Seminar

My Competitive Life Performance Nutrition Seminar

I want to thank the guys at My Competitive Life, especially my good friend Chris Algieri, for putting on the Performance Nutrition Seminar at Competitive Edge Athletics. Presented by one of the top nutrition teams in the world, the Performance Nutrition Seminar covered a broad range of topics, including: Do Diets Work? Macronutrient Distribution Maximizing … Read morePerformance Nutrition Seminar

Vitamin D – fight for this essential nutrient

Unless you live in the tropics, and spend your day outside, your vitamin D production is likely too low. And that’s a shame, because Vitamin D is a key supplement for combat athletes like MMA, BJJ and Muay Thai fighters, wrestlers and boxers. What makes Vitamin D important to fighters? Well, the indicated benefits of … Read moreVitamin D – fight for this essential nutrient

You're Probably Deficient in Magnesium

And it’s hurting your performance. 56% of the US population is deficient in Magnesium. This is a shame, because magnesium is such an important dietary mineral and any deficiency can easily be fixed with a change in diet. Appropriate levels of Magnesium are associated with improved: brain health metabolism and cardiovascular health (Source: Examine.com – … Read moreYou're Probably Deficient in Magnesium

Brain Food Recipes for Combat Athletes

A little while ago, Flow Athletics put up our most popular post to date – 10 Best Brain Foods for Combat Athletes.   The superfoods in that list improve memory, boost brain performance and provide essential nutrition that should be part of any combat athlete?s diet.   So the question is, how do I add … Read moreBrain Food Recipes for Combat Athletes

You can't zap your brain during practice!

The story of flow. Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, talk about a hard name to pronounce. The father of positive psychology, Dr. C. developed the concept of flow. Wikipedia defines flow as “the mental state of … energized focus, full involvement, and success in the process of the activity”. According to Csíkszentmihályi, flow represents perhaps the ultimate in harnessing the … Read moreYou can't zap your brain during practice!