Add This To Your Warmup Today

Minute Butterfly Stretch + 2 Minute Breath Meditation Get your hips loose and your mind right all at the same time. We all know how important it is to have flexible and open hips for better posture, reduced back pain and general body performance. If you’ve been reading this blog, you should also know the … Read moreAdd This To Your Warmup Today

Even Georges St. Pierre gets scared

Watch GSP talk about being scared before a fight. “I’m the kind of guy that I’m not afraid to admit that I’m afraid when I go fight,” says GSP. “Even though I’m scared and I’m afraid to fail, when I walk to the Octagon, I look like I’m, it’s impossible for me to fail and … Read moreEven Georges St. Pierre gets scared

Meditation and Combat Sports

Meditation and Combat Sports: What You Need to Know A couple of weekends ago I was in San Francisco and made plans with my friend and former U Penn wrestler Zack Ellis to hit up a BJJ practice and teach some takedowns to the MMA team at his gym. A few days before we were … Read moreMeditation and Combat Sports