Is climbing this mountain impossible?

The 6 steps of the motivation mountain

It depends … what type of motivation are we talking here? Think of the different types of motivation as climbing a mountain. The more internally motivated you are, the higher you climb. This is self-determination theory in a nutshell. You start out at the foot of the mountain, having made no progress, with amotivation. That’s … Read moreIs climbing this mountain impossible?

In the Zone … but what's actually happening?

  You’ve been in the zone before. Athletes and artists talk about it all the time – The zone is the essence of the athletic experience, and those moments of going beyond yourself are the underlying allure of sport. -David Meggyesy The zone is not about trying hard. You can’t force it. The zone feels … Read moreIn the Zone … but what's actually happening?

Flow Athletics x BJJ Video Vault giveaway

  We’re giving away 5 bottles of Flow in the easiest-to-enter contest ever.   3 steps to enter: Click LIKE our facebook page Go to the BJJ Video Vault contest page and subscribe to the email list. Answer this question on the contest page: “What it’s like to be In The Zone?”. 5 winners will … Read moreFlow Athletics x BJJ Video Vault giveaway