What You Should Know If You’re Getting Started With Wrestling

Wrestling Class at Renzo Gracies

Man, I really wish I’d gotten into wrestling in high-school. Wrestling is the #6 high-school sport in America, right below soccer. It’s more popular than cross country, swimming or golf. But almost every time I’m at the gym – rolling with the BJJ guys or training with Nak Muay or talking to people interested in … Read moreWhat You Should Know If You’re Getting Started With Wrestling

9 Ways To Add Flow To Your Day

Add flow to your daily grind

Working, eating right, training, meditation, sex, relaxation, play, sleep — you try to squeeze a lot out of each day. When you get caught up in the commotion, there’s one little way to correct course – staying in flow, the state of mind most closely linked to happiness and optimal performance. However you find your … Read more9 Ways To Add Flow To Your Day

Is climbing this mountain impossible?

The 6 steps of the motivation mountain

It depends … what type of motivation are we talking here? Think of the different types of motivation as climbing a mountain. The more internally motivated you are, the higher you climb. This is self-determination theory in a nutshell. You start out at the foot of the mountain, having made no progress, with amotivation. That’s … Read moreIs climbing this mountain impossible?

Body Language for Athletes

Did you know that positive body language can improve your biochemistry? I know, it sounds crazy, but the way you carry yourself can actually affect your testosterone levels. I love tips that are simple to implement, but can make dramatic improvements in your sports performance. (That’s actually the inspiration for one of my previous posts, … Read moreBody Language for Athletes

Fix Your Sleep For Perfect Performance

Today’s anxiety-ridden, performance focused world can steal away our eight hours of heavenly rest and replace it with a night spent tossing and turning. Are you getting the sleep you need to perform at your best? According to a national survey, if you’re between the ages of 19 and 29, chances are, you’re not. Take … Read moreFix Your Sleep For Perfect Performance