Performance Nutrition Seminar

My Competitive Life Performance Nutrition Seminar

I want to thank the guys at My Competitive Life, especially my good friend Chris Algieri, for putting on the Performance Nutrition Seminar at Competitive Edge Athletics. Presented by one of the top nutrition teams in the world, the Performance Nutrition Seminar covered a broad range of topics, including: Do Diets Work? Macronutrient Distribution Maximizing … Read morePerformance Nutrition Seminar

Is climbing this mountain impossible?

The 6 steps of the motivation mountain

It depends … what type of motivation are we talking here? Think of the different types of motivation as climbing a mountain. The more internally motivated you are, the higher you climb. This is self-determination theory in a nutshell. You start out at the foot of the mountain, having made no progress, with amotivation. That’s … Read moreIs climbing this mountain impossible?

Fix Your Sleep For Perfect Performance

Today’s anxiety-ridden, performance focused world can steal away our eight hours of heavenly rest and replace it with a night spent tossing and turning. Are you getting the sleep you need to perform at your best? According to a national survey, if you’re between the ages of 19 and 29, chances are, you’re not. Take … Read moreFix Your Sleep For Perfect Performance