What’s This Social Media Detox All About?

What’s This Social Media Detox All About?

Social Media Explained

Social media is just information. Information isn’t poisonous, or inherently harmful. So why the need for a social media detox?

Because a constantly updated newsfeed leads to distractibility, wasted time and shallow ‘sips’ of online connection.

Social media is constantly pinging, tweeting, chiming and vibing. A full stop to all push notifications allows us to bring the bigger picture back into focus. Once the trees stop poking us, we can see the forest.

Cutting off the nonstop distractions of more and more updates can help us deal with the negative effects of information overload:

  • confusion
  • interruptions
  • poor decision making
  • loss of flow

Flow Athletics is going on a detox

So what to do? Well, Bill Gates, for example, is known to take what he calls “thinking weeks”. He gets away the from day-to-day hustle and distributions. He recognized the need to step back, unwind, make blank the mind.

I have an opportunity to do the same and will be taking advantage. While camping in Yellowstone from May 28th to June 7th I’ll be pretty much cut off from all internet access. And since I take care of most of our social media myself, this trip is the perfect opportunity to detox and get back to nature at the same time.

The mental benefits of spending time in nature (source: National Wildlife Federation):

  • Reduces ADHD symptoms
  • Higher scores in math, reading, writing and listening
  • Improves critical thinking skills

Tomorrow, May 26th will be my last posts to our social media accounts until June 7th or 8th. When I get back to the game, expect to see a more reasoned, mindful approach to this companies development and some very exciting announcements to be coming from Flow Athletics.


My Social Media Detox Pledge

No posts on Facebook,
No Twitter tweets.
No grams or regrams or latergrams.
On pinterest, I won’t pin
And I’m tumbling out of love with Tumblr.


Not sure if you need a social media detox?

This infographic from Column Five should help you figure it out:

Click on the image and use the expander option to see full size:


But if you really can’t get over your love with Flow Athletics updates, I recommend you check out the Flow Athletics YouTube channel. My wrestling student and incredibly talented friend Hen Zee of Team PTX has been taping some instructional with me and will be posting them to the channel while I’m out in the middle of nowhere.


Are you going to take a detox with me? Share your goals in the comments and make it happen!

header photo credit: ChrisL_AK via photopin cc

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