Save Olympic Wrestling – What to Read, Watch and What to Do

A week after the IOC debacle, there’s a lot of content and analysis out there on the Interwebs. I wanted to put together a list of the articles and videos I feel best represent the issue.


Best article on why wrestling was really dropped by the IOC:–ioc-fila-fate-2020-summer-games


Sickest highlights:


Most emotional video:


Most famous author (John Irving for NY Times):


Talking points by USA Wrestling:


Place to donate:


Make sure you sign the petitions:


Please share this list with anyone that wants to save Olympic Wrestling, but is looking for a little info on how!


Us wrestlers are strong and resilient. Overcoming adversity is in our life-blood. I know every wrestler across the globe is looking at this particular setback as a challenge; which if anything, will bring the wrestling community closer together.


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