Flow Partners

My teammates and I train at these gyms, we shop at these stores and we support these brands.

East Coast MMA

East Coast MMA for Flow AthleticsEast Coast MMA is a full service MMA, Muay Thai, BJJ fight shop. They got all the top gear from all the top brands!

East Coast MMA is also a line of apparel designed to represent the East Coast fight community in style!

Most of all, East Coast MMA is an organization that supports the MMA community, the athletes and the fans.


Evolution Muay Thai

Evolution Muay Thai for Flow AthleticsFounded in 2006 by Kru Brandon Levi, Evolution Muay Thai has grown steadily to become one of the top Muay Thai and MMA schools in the city.

I train at EVMT and can vouch for the family atmosphere and hard-nosed work ethic.


Square Circle New York

Square Circle New York for Flow AthleticsIn addition to providing teaching and coaching, Square Circle New York sponsors students and athletes in special situations. They have assisted in facilitating competitors to events cross-country and internationally so they can compete at the highest standards.

It’s clear to me that Kru Rob and Kru Bea care about their fighters and treat them like family. And with some of the best fighters in NYC coming out of Square Circle, it’s obvious they’re doing something right.

Find your Flow, join our team.

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