Foam Rolling Station at Fall Classic

Beyond The Foam Roller: 11 Drills To Keep You Moving

While running a warm up area for the athletes playing in this year’s Fall Classic NYC (a charity bball game to support the Boys and Girls Club of America), foam rolling was far and away our most popular station. Funny enough, most everyone that used the rollers still wasn’t sure what it was they did. […]

Dirt Biking is a Skill

3 Steps To Be Awesome at Any Skill

In a recent interview with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Dan Faggella, I spoke about a 3 step process to mastering skills in BJJ and Wrestling. In this post, I want to take our 3 step process and apply it to quickly and systematically become awesome at any skill. You can see our interview (plus […]


5 Things We Learned At The Gotham City Wrestling Experience

First, we want to thank all our wrestlers for attending, paying attention, training hard and making the week a huge success. We also want to thank all the parents for making sure their kids got to Roosevelt Island and took part in this fantastic experience. Before I get started on our list, here’s a quick […]

meal to eat after workout

What Should I Eat After Working Out? – 3 Tips

Post workout feeding – can I have my chocolate milk? The meal you eat after working out is the most important meal for any athlete or active individual. There’s a short window (30-45 min) where your body is primed for nutrient re-uptake. This is when the body recovers and grows. If you miss the window, […]

Rickson Gracie and Eddie Bravo

Eddie Bravo And Rickson Gracie Talk Muddy Waters

This video features rubber guard mastermind Eddie Bravo and Rickson Gracie, living vale-tudo (full-contact unarmed combat) legend with UFC commentator (and black belt under Eddie) Joe Rogan. It’s behind the scenes action from the Joe Rogan Experience #524 podcast. To the general public, Rickson’s probably the least well known of the three, but arguably the […]

Boxer Preparing for Training Session

Prepare To Have The Best Training Sessions Of Your Life

You can’t just show up to a training session and expect to kill it every time. You’ve gotta get your mind right and prepare for your training sessions. You’ve gotta have a plan. So, let’s break down what it takes to prepare for training sessions. Here are the 3 pre-training steps you need to perform […]

Anxiety in Soccer

3 Ways to Beat Anxiety In Competition

I’ve personally struggled a lot with pre-competition anxiety. To date, I’m the only NYU wrestler to qualify for the National Championships 3X. And yet, I never walked away with the coveted All-American plaque. My junior year was probably the worst, going 0-2 at the tournament, while guys I’d beaten before placed 3rd and 6th in […]

Check This Shit Out With Some Guy Named Mehmet

Why Did John Oliver Put Dr. Oz On Blast?

On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver had a go at medical shills and the supplement industry. And I couldn’t be happier. I’ve always hated over-the-top, miracle cure marketing, so I’m very happy to see John Oliver help expose this sham to a larger audience. I’m even happy about his rant on the supplement industry, because […]

Do a short meditation while butterfly stretching

Add This To Your Warmup Today

Minute Butterfly Stretch + 2 Minute Breath Meditation Get your hips loose and your mind right all at the same time. We all know how important it is to have flexible and open hips for better posture, reduced back pain and general body performance. If you’ve been reading this blog, you should also know the […]