5 Things We Learned At The Gotham City Wrestling Experience

5 Things We Learned At The Gotham City Wrestling Experience

Gotham City Wrestling Experience Group Shot

First, we want to thank all our wrestlers for attending, paying attention, training hard and making the week a huge success. We also want to thank all the parents for making sure their kids got to Roosevelt Island and took part in this fantastic experience.

Before I get started on our list, here’s a quick highlight of all the awesomeness that was the Gotham City Wrestling Experience

Now, let’s get started. We learned:

1. Leadership

GCW Coach Torriero Speaks on Leadership

Coach Mike speaks to the campers about the benefits wrestling has had in his life, the strength he’s gained from it and the great future he sees for our campers.

In life, as in wrestling, more often than not, the hard way is the right way and the easy way is the wrong way. Now finish that double the hard way!

2. Team building

Team building via guard the pin

It was a beautiful sight to see all of us working together playing guard the pin. We learned each other’s strengths and used them: who guards the pin, who catches, who throws? When a common goal unites us, there’s nothing we can’t overcome!

3. Comradery


In my opinion, there’s nothing that brings a group together faster than shared effort, hard work and sweat. I know that by the end of the week we had made some new, life-long friends. Wrestling is a very tight-knit community after all.

4. Hard Work

back bridging aint easy

Once you’ve wrestled everything else in life is easy ~ Dan Gable

5. On of course … Wrestling!

Wrestling Double Legs

We promise, you’ll be seeing a lot more high quality doubles in competition next season!


Thanks again to everyone that came and participated. And a big shout out to Roosevelt Island Middle School. What an amazing facility.

See you next year!

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