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Flow Athletics Competitor Program

At Flow Athletics, our mission is to deliver superior products and excellent service to help athletes improve their mental game.

But just as important to us is to stay actively involved in the BJJ, Wrestling and MMA communities. And we give back to charities that use sport to better our world. Once the previous month’s income is calculated, I donate approximately 5% of profit to Right to Play.

This helps inform the heart of our sponsorship program.

The Flow Athletics Sponsorship Program is about doing good things, performing better and reaching your potential. Our #1 priority is are competitors that come to compete at their best and Practice Perfect™.

If you would like to represent Flow Athletics and the values our sponsorship program stands for, please fill out the form below. Please answer with honesty and an open heart. We’re open to all. Just as long as you embody the values Flow Athletics stands for.

In terms of sponsorship, we’ll discuss the levels with you individually. At a minimum we’ll hook you up with some free product. Further sponsorship will include registration fees for events and competition and may culminate in other monetary and financial support for deserving practitioners.

Thanks for your interest. Stay Awesome and Practice Perfect!

Gene Kobilansky
Founder of Flow Athletics
NYU Wrestling Coach
BJJ Blue Belt