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The Ultimate Guide to Pre Workout Supplements – Infographic

My buddy Justin Tailor, at SupplementMart Australia just sent me a wonderful infographic they put together – the Ultimate Guide to Pre Workout Supplements. It’s a fantastic beginner’s guide to pre workouts, laying out the basics on: benefits ingredients how to pick pills vs powders how to take timing and pre-workout foods Without further ado, […]

What to Look for in Your Post Workout Protein

Quick Note: This is a guest post from my buddy Ryan Blair. He’s a personal trainer, nutritional expert and writer in both of these fields. If you’re confused by all the protein options in the market (like I was), Ryan’s simple and easy writeup will help you figure out what to look for in your […]

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How Do You Stay On The Ball When Eating Healthy?

Developing an eating plan is relatively easy. Sticking to that plan and staying on the ball when eating healthy can be near-impossible. It’s easy to eat healthy when all you have in the fridge are lean chicken breasts and pre-cut veggies (and an avocado or two, of course). Much harder to stay committed if you […]

Your bro-fight-logic is no good here

4 Crappy Weight Cutting Strategies of Combat Athletes

This is a guest post by James Bee of JB Fitness Systems. James was introduced to me as a coach who’s all about the evidenced based approach to fitness, health, nutrition, competition and living the good life. After working with him on this article, I can honestly say – James knows his stuff and shares […]

Can Curcumin Help You Recover And Relax?

What is curcumin.. and how is it different from turmeric? To start things off I feel like it’s important to clear up some common confusion. Curcumin and turmeric are sometimes used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. Turmeric is a plant from the ginger family. Curcumin is a plant chemical found primarily in […]

About Creatine: 7 Myths That Just Won’t Die and 4 Unappreciated Truths

I Thought I’d Heard It All About Creatine… Until I started doing research for this post. That’s when I began stumbling onto article after article reporting that serial killer Elliot Rodger had become “hooked on creatine” and it’s rage inducing side effects. Digging deeper, I learned that the Daily Mail, the Mirror and others had […]

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What Should I Eat After Working Out? – 3 Tips

Post workout feeding – can I have my chocolate milk? The meal you eat after working out is the most important meal for any athlete or active individual. There’s a short window (30-45 min) where your body is primed for nutrient re-uptake. This is when the body recovers and grows. If you miss the window, […]

Check This Shit Out With Some Guy Named Mehmet

Why Did John Oliver Put Dr. Oz On Blast?

On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver had a go at medical shills and the supplement industry. And I couldn’t be happier. I’ve always hated over-the-top, miracle cure marketing, so I’m very happy to see John Oliver help expose this sham to a larger audience. I’m even happy about his rant on the supplement industry, because […]

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ISSN Human Performance: My Crib Notes

The past weekend, I spent some time with the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Hosted at Rutgers, the ISSN-Rutgers Human Performance Conference was a collaboration of the best minds in sports performance and nutrition. Below are the presentations I was able to catch (missed the first one because we got lost) and my take-aways from […]