Eddie Bravo And Rickson Gracie Talk Muddy Waters

Rickson Gracie and Eddie Bravo

This video features rubber guard mastermind Eddie Bravo and Rickson Gracie, living vale-tudo (full-contact unarmed combat) legend with UFC commentator (and black belt under Eddie) Joe Rogan. It’s behind the scenes action from the Joe Rogan Experience #524 podcast. To the general public, Rickson’s probably the least well known of the three, but arguably the … Read moreEddie Bravo And Rickson Gracie Talk Muddy Waters

Prepare To Have The Best Training Sessions Of Your Life

Boxer Preparing for Training Session

You can’t just show up to a training session and expect to kill it every time. You’ve gotta get your mind right and prepare for your training sessions. You’ve gotta have a plan. So, let’s break down what it takes to prepare for training sessions. Here are the 3 pre-training steps you need to perform … Read morePrepare To Have The Best Training Sessions Of Your Life

3 Ways to Beat Anxiety In Competition

I’ve personally struggled a lot with pre-competition anxiety. To date, I’m the only NYU wrestler to qualify for the National Championships 3X. And yet, I never walked away with the coveted All-American plaque. My junior year was probably the worst, going 0-2 at the tournament, while guys I’d beaten before placed 3rd and 6th in … Read more3 Ways to Beat Anxiety In Competition

Add This To Your Warmup Today

Minute Butterfly Stretch + 2 Minute Breath Meditation Get your hips loose and your mind right all at the same time. We all know how important it is to have flexible and open hips for better posture, reduced back pain and general body performance. If you’ve been reading this blog, you should also know the … Read moreAdd This To Your Warmup Today

19-0 Pro Boxer Chris Algieri Joins Team Flow

Chris Algieri joins Team Flow

Pro Boxer Chris Algieri on his mental game leading up to and in the middle of of a fight Just some of Chris’s stats: Boxing Record Light Welterweight 19W | 8KO 0L | 0D Kickboxing Record 20W | 10KO 0L | 0D 2X World Champ Born 1984 Huntington, NY USA Chris will be fighting Ruslan … Read more19-0 Pro Boxer Chris Algieri Joins Team Flow

What’s This Social Media Detox All About?

Social Media Explained

Social media is just information. Information isn’t poisonous, or inherently harmful. So why the need for a social media detox? Because a constantly updated newsfeed leads to distractibility, wasted time and shallow ‘sips’ of online connection. Social media is constantly pinging, tweeting, chiming and vibing. A full stop to all push notifications allows us to … Read moreWhat’s This Social Media Detox All About?

9 Ways To Add Flow To Your Day

Add flow to your daily grind

Working, eating right, training, meditation, sex, relaxation, play, sleep — you try to squeeze a lot out of each day. When you get caught up in the commotion, there’s one little way to correct course – staying in flow, the state of mind most closely linked to happiness and optimal performance. However you find your … Read more9 Ways To Add Flow To Your Day

ISSN Human Performance: My Crib Notes

Dr. William Kraemer

The past weekend, I spent some time with the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Hosted at Rutgers, the ISSN-Rutgers Human Performance Conference was a collaboration of the best minds in sports performance and nutrition. Below are the presentations I was able to catch (missed the first one because we got lost) and my take-aways from … Read moreISSN Human Performance: My Crib Notes

Is climbing this mountain impossible?

The 6 steps of the motivation mountain

It depends … what type of motivation are we talking here? Think of the different types of motivation as climbing a mountain. The more internally motivated you are, the higher you climb. This is self-determination theory in a nutshell. You start out at the foot of the mountain, having made no progress, with amotivation. That’s … Read moreIs climbing this mountain impossible?