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the habit loop

Trying to Build Habits? Here’s 6 Indispensable Tools

Put Your Best Choices on Autopilot When I say tools, you might expect a list of 6 apps that will magically help you build habits. Nope. Instead, this is much better, this can last you a lifetime. These tools are mental models you can apply to building habits. Building and changing habits is not just a matter of […]

How Flow in Training Can Help Martial Arts Fighters Perform

You can train as much as you want, but what does it matter if you cannot perform at your best when it really matters? This article will teach you how to train so that you can always perform under pressure. The short answer? Flow. Note: this is a guest post that I’m really excited about. […]

Flow Athletics Flow Timer

Flow Timer – Stay Focused My Friends

Check out our new web app: The Flow Timer. I’m introducing this app as a way to signal the new direction for Flow Athletics: interactive, content oriented and most of all, focused on optimizing your performance. Timeboxing Do have a hard time staying focused and productive at work? Do you spend the whole day “multi-tasking” […]

Don't let your phone control you

10 Apps To Optimize Your Life

Use your phone to live the life you dream, instead of letting it control your life. “Why won’t you type ‘T’?” “What is this weird ‘Service Message Not Found’ thing that’s popping up?” “I’m this close … I’m gonna throw this thing against the wall.” Luckily, my friend Logan Lo convinced me otherwise. Instead, I […]

Kacy Catanzaro on American Ninja Warrior

Breaking Down 79 Ninja Warrior Obstacles Into Bite-Sized Chunks

What’s the point of learning and teaching about optimal performance if you don’t put it into daily practice? This is the story of why I kicked myself just when I thought my ninja warrior training was going so well. Getting prepared for your most important performance doesn’t feel good. Or at least it shouldn’t. You […]

The Obstacle Is The Way – Motivation And A Book Review

The Most Inspiring Book I’ve Read All Year Although I love fiction, and can get lost in it for hours, to start the day I prefer non-fiction, especially inspiring non-fiction, to kick-start a positive attitude that can stick with me all day. Ryan Holiday’s The Obstacle is The Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials […]

Dirt Biking is a Skill

3 Steps To Be Awesome at Any Skill

In a recent interview with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Dan Faggella, I spoke about a 3 step process to mastering skills in BJJ and Wrestling. In this post, I want to take our 3 step process and apply it to quickly and systematically become awesome at any skill. You can see our interview (plus […]


5 Things We Learned At The Gotham City Wrestling Experience

First, we want to thank all our wrestlers for attending, paying attention, training hard and making the week a huge success. We also want to thank all the parents for making sure their kids got to Roosevelt Island and took part in this fantastic experience. Before I get started on our list, here’s a quick […]