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Why I’m Discontinuing Flow

“The phoenix must burn to emerge.” – Janet Fitch As of about an hour ago, it’s no longer possible to buy Flow on If you come to Flow Athletics for the content on fitness, nutrition, mindset and technique; and you don’t know about Flow Neural Enhancer; you can still read about it on the […]

The Obstacle Is The Way – Motivation And A Book Review

The Most Inspiring Book I’ve Read All Year Although I love fiction, and can get lost in it for hours, to start the day I prefer non-fiction, especially inspiring non-fiction, to kick-start a positive attitude that can stick with me all day. Ryan Holiday’s The Obstacle is The Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials […]

Rickson Gracie and Eddie Bravo

Eddie Bravo And Rickson Gracie Talk Muddy Waters

This video features rubber guard mastermind Eddie Bravo and Rickson Gracie, living vale-tudo (full-contact unarmed combat) legend with UFC commentator (and black belt under Eddie) Joe Rogan. It’s behind the scenes action from the Joe Rogan Experience #524 podcast. To the general public, Rickson’s probably the least well known of the three, but arguably the […]

Check This Shit Out With Some Guy Named Mehmet

Why Did John Oliver Put Dr. Oz On Blast?

On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver had a go at medical shills and the supplement industry. And I couldn’t be happier. I’ve always hated over-the-top, miracle cure marketing, so I’m very happy to see John Oliver help expose this sham to a larger audience. I’m even happy about his rant on the supplement industry, because […]