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the habit loop

Trying to Build Habits? Here’s 6 Indispensable Tools

Put Your Best Choices on Autopilot When I say tools, you might expect a list of 6 apps that will magically help you build habits. Nope. Instead, this is much better, this can last you a lifetime. These tools are mental models you can apply to building habits. Building and changing habits is not just a matter of […]

The Ultimate Guide to Pre Workout Supplements – Infographic

My buddy Justin Tailor, at SupplementMart Australia just sent me a wonderful infographic they put together – the Ultimate Guide to Pre Workout Supplements. It’s a fantastic beginner’s guide to pre workouts, laying out the basics on: benefits ingredients how to pick pills vs powders how to take timing and pre-workout foods Without further ado, […]

How Flow in Training Can Help Martial Arts Fighters Perform

You can train as much as you want, but what does it matter if you cannot perform at your best when it really matters? This article will teach you how to train so that you can always perform under pressure. The short answer? Flow. Note: this is a guest post that I’m really excited about. […]

What to Look for in Your Post Workout Protein

Quick Note: This is a guest post from my buddy Ryan Blair. He’s a personal trainer, nutritional expert and writer in both of these fields. If you’re confused by all the protein options in the market (like I was), Ryan’s simple and easy writeup will help you figure out what to look for in your […]

Healthy Eating

How Do You Stay On The Ball When Eating Healthy?

Developing an eating plan is relatively easy. Sticking to that plan and staying on the ball when eating healthy can be near-impossible. It’s easy to eat healthy when all you have in the fridge are lean chicken breasts and pre-cut veggies (and an avocado or two, of course). Much harder to stay committed if you […]

Flow Athletics Flow Timer

Flow Timer – Stay Focused My Friends

Check out our new web app: The Flow Timer. I’m introducing this app as a way to signal the new direction for Flow Athletics: interactive, content oriented and most of all, focused on optimizing your performance. Timeboxing Do have a hard time staying focused and productive at work? Do you spend the whole day “multi-tasking” […]

Why I’m Discontinuing Flow

“The phoenix must burn to emerge.” – Janet Fitch As of about an hour ago, it’s no longer possible to buy Flow on If you come to Flow Athletics for the content on fitness, nutrition, mindset and technique; and you don’t know about Flow Neural Enhancer; you can still read about it on the […]

Don't let your phone control you

10 Apps To Optimize Your Life

Use your phone to live the life you dream, instead of letting it control your life. “Why won’t you type ‘T’?” “What is this weird ‘Service Message Not Found’ thing that’s popping up?” “I’m this close … I’m gonna throw this thing against the wall.” Luckily, my friend Logan Lo convinced me otherwise. Instead, I […]