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Chris Algieri

Chris AlgieriChristopher Mark Algieri (born March 2, 1984 in Huntington, New York) is the ultimate chess-master boxer. Always using his incredibly deep knowledge of the sport to stay multiple steps ahead of his opponents, Chris also has a bachelor’s in healthcare science and a master’s in nutrition from the New York Institute of Technology.

Chris is the former ISKA World Welterweight and WKA World Super Welterweight Champion. Algieri, who is currently world ranked by various sanctioning bodies as a light welterweight boxer, is trained by Keith Trimble and Tim Lane.

Just some of Chris’s stats:

Boxing Record
Light Welterweight
20W | 8KO
1L | 0D
WBO World Champion

Kickboxing Record
20W | 10KO
0L | 0D
2X World Champ

You can follow Chris on social media, he’s always updating us with amazing training and nutrition insights.


Angela “Overkill” Hill

Angela Hill - Flow AthleticsAngela’s an UFC fighter out of New York City, New York with a 1-0-0 pro record and a pro Muay Thai fighter, 2w-0L (pro) with 14w-0L, 4 KOs as an amateur.

She made her pro MMA debut with a devastating knockout of Stephanie Skinner is scheduled to fight on the UFC 181 card!

A terror on the feet with a ton of natural grappling talent. Angela’s training her wrestling and BJJ hard for her switch to MMA, and it’s coming along fast!

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Chad Hernandez

Chad_Hernandez_for_Flow_AthleticsChad’s the Underground Combat League 155lbs Champ with a record of 6-1 in amateur MMA. Chad is the assistant grappling instructor at Radical MMA.

I can personally say, Chad’s earned every stripe on his purple belt under Rene Dreifuss of Radical MMA. Chad’s MMA oriented grappling skills are years ahead of any competition he has faced. As he continues to work on his standup, including training in Thailand, Chad’s going to be a danger to anyone in the 155 lbs weight-class.

Josh Leduc

Josh LeducJosh Leduc (born August 7th, 1994 in Valleyfield, Quebec, Canada) is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor, Submission Wrestler, and Amateur MMA Figher. On top of his martial arts background, Josh was a top ranked Lacrosse prospect in High School, and has been a high level athlete for nearly a decade.

As a competitor, Josh holds multiple titles as well as an undefeated 2-0 Amateur MMA record with both wins coming by submission. He fights for the Arena Fighting Championship 185lb Title on November 15th and will be going pro after his 4th amateur fight! Below are a few of his grappling accomplishments:

Tapout Open Champion Gi (2011)
Tapout Open Runner Up No-Gi (2011)
Florida State Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion (2012)
NAGA West Palm Beach Champion (2012)
NAGA West Palm Beach Runner Up (2012)
NAGA Pan-American Championship Runner Up (2012)
(Injured Majority of 2013)
International Sport Grappling Absolute Champion (2014)
Good Fight Sub Only ( July 2014) 205lb Champ (Nogi) and Good Fight Sub Only Runner Up 205lb Gi
PGL Professional Grappling League VIII No Gi 205lbs champion (August 2014)

Undefeated in No-Gi in over 2 years

Adam Benayoun

Adam Benayoun is an active competitor and instructor in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. During his senior year of high school Adam started training and knew right away jiu jitsu was what he wanted to do with his life. He had early success as a blue belt placing in both the Gi and NoGi Pan Americans and shortly after received his purple belt under Lucas Lepri and Fabio Clemente in 2011. As a purple belt Adam made the switch to Marcelo Garcia’s academy and has been competing in everything he can, most recently taking gold at the No Gi Pan Ams and NY BJJ pro.

Tyler Woolsey

Tyler Woolsey for Flow Athletics

Tyler started training muay thai, wrestling, kickboxing, and jiu jitsu at 13 years old in 2009 at 10th Planet Sherman, TX and plans to eventually own a MMA school. He’s 17 going into his second year of college this fall and planning to go on to become a Naturopathic Doctor. Tyler is currently training jiu jitsu, MMA, and yoga at Sweatbox Boxing & Fitness in Davie, FL with the Marcelo Garcia affiliate Underground BJJ. He has a blue belt in 10th Planet JJ under Chris Herzog and a blue in the GI under Marcelo from Leo Kirby.

Just a few of Tyler’s accolades:

  • Four time Florida Xtreme Grappling Champion
  • Two first place swords-Grappler’s Quest Florida State Championship (Advanced gi and nogi divisions)
  • Two first places (Advanced nogi/white belt gi divisions) and one second place (blue belt gi division)-Zebra Tournament Series 2011
  • Two first place finishes (Teen and Men Advanced divisions)-Tournament of Champions VII 2011
  • First place-Grappler’s Quest 2011 Europa Worlds Super show
  • Second place-NAGA World Jiu Jitsu Championships 2011
  • Third place-Abu Dhabi Combat Club Nov. 20, 2010
  • First place sword-NAGA 2010 Southwest Championship

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Brian Richards

Brain Richards for Team FlowBrian’s been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for 4 years now.

For him, the most exciting part about training is discovering new techniques and facing different styles of competitors.

I think he’s a great representative of Team Flow – not because he’s competed at ton (he has) and won some and lost a few (he did) but because of this attitude:

“I never feel beaten, I feel a sense of accomplishment knowing I did my best and executed my technical skills.”

BJJ Resume

  • 2013 IBJJF N.Y. Open 3rd place
  • 2013 AGL 4 1st place
  • 2012 The Good Fight Winter Open GI 3rd,NoGi 3rd pl
  • 2012 The Good Fight N.Y. Summer Classic NoGi 2nd pl,2nd pl (open weight)
  • 2012 Big Apple BJJ Open 2 2nd pl
  • 2011 Renagade Grappling legaue 2nd pl
  • 2010 Long Island Pride 9 3rd pl

Rashid Hall

Rashid Matthews Hall( Born June 2,1991) is a purple belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu who has been training and competing for for the past few years. Originally training in traditional martials at since ages 6 and 15, His start in Grappling competitions began when we was a sophomore at St. josephs college in 2011 when he wrestled in his first collegiate tournament in the same week he competed in his first bjj tournament as a white belt. He then eventually became a team captain and competed in both sports simultaneously.

“I think competition is an excellent way to test yourself. It gives you something to work forward to, win or lose people should always be chasing that. ”

Medal Record:

  • 1st place Ibjjf Toronto Open 2014 Purple belt Super heavy Adult
  • 2nd place Ibjjf New York Summer Open 2013 Blue belt. Ultra Heavy Adult
  • 3rd place Ibjjf New York Spring Open 2014 Blue Belt Ultra Heavy Adult
  • 3rd place Ibjjf New York Open 2012 Blue belt Ultra Heavy Adult
  • 3rd place Ibjjf Toronto Open 2013 Blue belt Ultra Heavy Adult
  • 3rd place Ibjjf Asian Open 2014 Purple Belt Ultra Heavy Adult
  • 1st place Big apple open NYC 2013 super heavy 221lbs+ blue belt
  • 2nd place ADCC nationals NY 2014 Nogi intermediate Super heavy
  • 3rd place Renzo Gracie Open 2011 super heavy white belt.

Louis Petrich

Louis Petrich
My name is Louis Petrich, I’m 24 years old, I am a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and an active competitor for Gracie Barra Northwest. I have been training the gentle art since March 2011 after coming home from college in Arizona. I live in Seattle in Washington state. A friend introduced me to it, and I was interested in getting into shape, as I had just been partying in college and felt like crap. I had no prior martial arts or grappling experience prior, so I was intimidated at first. I got very addicted to jiu jitsu and fitness, competing a few months after starting, I got smashed but loved the feeling I had after. A year later I competed again, I submitted all my opponents and met my present coaches at the tournament as well. Since then I have competed several events and earned medals all over the northwest area, most recently competing at IBJJF 2015 Panams going 1-1. Im looking to compete even more this year and even make an amateur MMA debut. For me competing is how asses my current training and get a shot of happiness and confidence that lasts for weeks. When I win I’m happy and confident in my training, and push forward. When I lose, I’m happy and confident that when I go back to the drawing board, I will be better next time.

Bruce Lee once said “Defeat is not a defeat, unless accepted as a reality-in your own mind”.

Notable accomplishments:

  • IBJJF Seattle Open, October 2014: Silver medalist in blue belt, middleweight division. Bronze medalist in blue belt, open weight division.
  • Five Grappling Oregon 1 Open, May 2014: Bronze medalist in blue belt, medium-heavy division.
  • The Revolution XXIV, March 2014: Gold medalist in blue belt, middleweight division.
  • Edmonds Submission Challenge, February 2014: Bronze Medalist in Advanced No-gi open weight division.
  • Proving Grounds, December 2013: Gold medalist in blue belt, middleweight division, and gold medalist in no-gi intermediate middleweight division.
  • The Revolution XXIII, November 2013: Bronze Medalist in blue belt, middleweight division.
  • United Grappling Federation, Washington State Grappling Championship, August, 2013: Gold medalist in intermediate welterweight no-gi division, gold medalist on blue belt welterweight division, and bronze medalist in blue belt open weight division.
  • The Revolution XXI, March, 2013: Bronze medalist in blue belt lightweight division.
  • United Grappling Federation, Washington State Grappling Championship, August 2012: Gold medalist in white belt welterweight and open weight divisions.

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