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Don't let your phone control you

10 Apps To Optimize Your Life

Use your phone to live the life you dream, instead of letting it control your life.

“Why won’t you type ‘T’?”

“What is this weird ‘Service Message Not Found’ thing that’s popping up?”

“I’m this close … I’m gonna throw this thing against the wall.”

Luckily, my friend Logan Lo convinced me otherwise. Instead, I wiped my phone, got rid of all the apps and reinstalled the operating system (for you tech geeks out there, I actually installed Cyanogenmod).

It was a breath of fresh air. My 3 year old Galaxy S3 is smooth as butter again. But, a bunch of the apps I used daily were gone.

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Kacy Catanzaro on American Ninja Warrior

Breaking Down 79 Ninja Warrior Obstacles Into Bite-Sized Chunks

What’s the point of learning and teaching about optimal performance if you don’t put it into daily practice? This is the story of why I kicked myself just when I thought my ninja warrior training was going so well.

Getting prepared for your most important performance doesn’t feel good.

Or at least it shouldn’t.

You should feel uncomfortable. In fact, you must become at peace with being uncomfortable. Josh Waitzkin, of Searching for Bobby Fischer fame, said it best:

“We cannot calculate our important contests, adventures, and great loves to the end. The only thing we can really count on is getting surprised.

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Get Fit With A Home Climbing Wall

When you can’t get to the gym, and it’s too cold to go outside, there’s nothing more awesome than some at home climbing and bouldering.

I’ll be honest, when my friends at Modernizer first reached out to do a guest post for Flow Athletics, I didn’t see a good fit. After all, what does home decor have to do with living life in the flow state? But, when Jane proposed a post on building an indoor climbing wall, my interest was piqued. After all, what better way to pursue the flow state, than by bringing your favorite activity to your home? This article is a small introduction to building an at home climbing wall.

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Wrestling Class at Renzo Gracies

What You Should Know If You’re Getting Started With Wrestling

Man, I really wish I’d gotten into wrestling in high-school.

Wrestling is the #6 high-school sport in America, right below soccer. It’s more popular than cross country, swimming or golf. But almost every time I’m at the gym – rolling with the BJJ guys or training with Nak Muay or talking to people interested in MMA, I still hear the same sentiment: “I wish I’d tried wrestling.”

I think there’s been a resurgence in the popularity of wrestling due to us wrestlers finding so much success in the UFC. 5 out of the 8 current champs are former wrestlers.

So this post is for that guy or girl that never wrestled in high school or maybe you wrestled for a little at the youth level and now that you’re training again,

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The Obstacle Is The Way – Motivation And A Book Review

The Most Inspiring Book I’ve Read All Year

Although I love fiction, and can get lost in it for hours, to start the day I prefer non-fiction, especially inspiring non-fiction, to kick-start a positive attitude that can stick with me all day.

Ryan Holiday’s The Obstacle is The Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph is the most inspiring non-fiction I’ve read all year. It’s so good, I’m making it one of my stocking stuffer for friends and family.

If you’ve ever experienced set-backs (who hasn’t?). If you’re in a time of growth, transition or stagnation in your life. If you want to take on the BS life throws at you with a renewed vigor and a fresh perspective,

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Escapade by Diego De Silva

3 Reasons You Should Try Bodyweight Fitness

Fitness Without Weights, Equipment Or Rules

There’s a grassroots movement out there trying to reconnect fitness with our natural, human way of moving. It’s fitness without weights, equipment or much in the way of rules.

Some call it Movement Culture, others MovNat or bodyweight fitness. Many have no name for it at all.

This culture is a gathering of “movers” interested in understanding the human body, being comfortable in their skin and enjoying finding freedom through the ability to move in any way they can imagine.

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The reasoning for bodyweight fitness versus the standard fitness routine of running and lifting heavy weights is as follows:

The engagement of stabilizer muscles less used in standard bodybuilding or powerlifting leads to greater functional athleticism in addition to better posture and ease of motion.

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Your bro-fight-logic is no good here

4 Crappy Weight Cutting Strategies of Combat Athletes

This is a guest post by James Bee of JB Fitness Systems. James was introduced to me as a coach who’s all about the evidenced based approach to fitness, health, nutrition, competition and living the good life. After working with him on this article, I can honestly say – James knows his stuff and shares it an a super easy-to-digest way. Read on …

WARNING: Some of the information in this post might sound absurd – as it goes against conventional Fight-Bro-Logic.

In my role managing weight cuts of professional Muay Thai fighters. I hear all about the crappy and sometimes dangerous strategies athletes use to make weight.

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Can Curcumin Help You Recover And Relax?

What is curcumin.. and how is it different from turmeric?

To start things off I feel like it’s important to clear up some common confusion. Curcumin and turmeric are sometimes used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing.

Turmeric is a plant from the ginger family.

Curcumin is a plant chemical found primarily in turmeric.

Curcumin has a plethora of wonderful medicinal qualities that have been tested in numerous studies. Although I generally like to recommend whole plants or herbs as the best option (rather than an extract), turmeric only has about 3% of curcumin by weight [1] and most of the research I’ve seen is centered around the curcumin molecule specifically,

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About Creatine: 7 Myths That Just Won’t Die and 4 Unappreciated Truths

I Thought I’d Heard It All About Creatine…

Until I started doing research for this post. That’s when I began stumbling onto article after article reporting that serial killer Elliot Rodger had become “hooked on creatine” and it’s rage inducing side effects. Digging deeper, I learned that the Daily Mail, the Mirror and others had fallen for an elaborate hoax.

Nevertheless, I think this story perfectly encapsulates the general public’s perception of creatine. My girlfriend, for example, still doesn’t believe that creatine’s not steroids and thinks it’ll give her kidney stones.

Creatine, Not Even Once

Full comic:

And that’s why I wrote this list.

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Eddy Gordo Capoeira Tekken

7 Unusual And Effective Ways To Warm Up For The Win

Or How To Improve Performance And Reduce Injuries.

One of our most popular articles is Under-appreciated Traits of Combat Athletes. The big question the article asks: “can you get better, faster, by focusing on traits other athletes neglect?”

The answer is resoundingly, yes! It’s the Pareto Principle in action. Focus on the 20% that will give you the most benefit and you’ll outperform 80% of your competition. Because so few athletes are doing the same, a small improvement in stress coping, for example, should lead to a large gain in your overall development as a bad-ass athlete.

What’s one of the most neglected traits from our list?

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